Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2015

Marina Bay Sands,Singapore
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair, located at The Sands Expo & Convention Center Marina Bay Sands Singapore, from 22/10/2015 to 25/10/2015 for 4 days.

The show was slow start as usual. There were very few visitors in the morning of the first day, and it made us very worried. However, as the time went by toward to the end of the evening, the number of the guests increased and started to be crowded. This is the B to B jewelry show held only once annually. So there are many people looking forward to attend and I had seen many repeat customers at the hall.

Unlike the typical jewelry show, there were fewer visitors on the first day & second day, compared to the 3rd days & the last days of the show. It seems like they believe that they are able to negotiate price much cheaper at the last minute. And they seemed to enjoy bargaining & buying what they really want. It is rare to see this kind of attitude about last minute sale in other countries.

Products purchased by Singaporean are those of high quality even in small size and they would not buy, even though it is big and value for money, if it is not a good quality. And, there is a tendency to choose stylish items in appearance, also. It seemed there were fewer visitors from neighboring countries compared to the previous year. Emerging countries are exposed to the slowdown of capital inflows, or currency depreciation pressure, then the economy has been rapidly decelerating. In addition, the damage of the smoke from the open burning in Indonesia was serious, and cancellation of the flight occurred one after another. There seemed to be considerably fewer guests from the countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, probably because of the reason above. 

However, ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei, both their living and economy seem to be tied closely in the future by a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) having been basically agreed. It is important how Japan would develop relationship with Singapore in order to promote economic growth together, or how to enhance a creative relationship with ASEAN countries via Singapore which act as a hub.Our industry is in the important transition period, also.

Although this show is held only once a year, we could win new repeat customers every time we exhibit. And we are very happy about it. We hope to see all of our valued customers at the next show, and would like give our sincere gratitude to all who visited our booth at this show.