We do our best to relate Japan and the world, virtual and reality, present and the future.


From Design to Manufacturing

We manufacture handmade jewelry completed on the full use of CAD from our original design.

There are many staple products by our customers’ demand, and every day we are generating new product idea.

We will strive very hard in order to convey our new branding from now on.


Supporting Fair Prices through Trade

We have been conducting import & export business since establishment of our company.

Particularly, we focus on the loose stones and are trying to deal in the lowest price by observing import & export market price timely.

We will continue to supply attractive merchandise by studying import & export market price, and by capturing the trend of times.


Numerous Jewelry Showcases

We have been exhibiting at jewelry show; domestically from the establishment of our company and internationally from 2008.

We had only about 30 clients at the first exhibition, but there are more than 3000 clients now.

We promise to supply attractive merchandise at the appealing booth in order to grow and flourish together with present and new clients.


Nationwide Auction Deals

We participate in many auctions held in Japan.

By purchasing at the auction, we are able to suggest merchandise at the good price to our clients.

The suggestion at an appropriate price is possible, because we are able to catch a change of market price precisely.

Furthermore, since we do our quality check thoroughly by our exclusive staff, you can purchase with confidence.

Also, we try our best to suggest at the proper price and the better merchandise by attending more than 20 auctions in a month.


Jewelry Revival

We work on the re-born business to reincarnate as new merchandise by remaking secondary or old products.

Bare metal is refined to bullion, and diamond as side stone is re-assorted into the same quality.

And, center stone is re-polished in order to regain the brightness from aging.

In addition, to keep high quality, these stone is severely checked by our gemologist.

By using these materials, a new product of the high cost performance is manufactured.


Global Online Outreach

The rapid growth of internet by improvement of IT environment seems to accelerate globalization of the world in recent years.

Because, we had many request to propose our merchandise on line, we decided to step into digital business lately.

We try our best every day to deliver our brand through digital business to our clients around the world in the near future.


New Business Consulting

Collaborating with partners of various business categories, we do consulting to form a new business model.

By adding our expert knowledge to client’s needs, we help our client to construct newer and better business model.


Sustained & Disruptive Innovation

We challenge to the globalization of our business which is beyond the frame of our industry by anticipating the future and exploring possibility.

It is fierce era of change now. We believe growth will considerably severe, unless we can propose a new goods and services in the future.

We try not only continuous innovation developed by adding new idea, but also disruptive innovation which creates completely new business.

By gathering the idea from all of our staff, we continue to challenge to the future which we have never seen.