Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014

Marina Bay Sands,Singapore
Exhibition Information

Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 was held at The Sands Expo and Convention Center(Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from October 23rd to 26th four days.
Time fell on Diwali where an Indian Hindu new year is a celebration, and this jewelry show considered the results submitting of an Indian enterprise gave up also by which it’s last year, and was the shape that many enterprises of each country decline submitting, and was held by the reduced shape 2 or 30 percent more than last year.

The first day jewelry show, which belongs to a slow start, but from the next day, guests more every day. The last day in the afternoon, to a very large number of guests. Compared to last year, added a lot of guests. I feel we slowly began to accept this jewelry show up.

Singapore has a population of 600 million asean market, the dominant hub port. Speaking hub port, you will think of Hong Kong, but in Southeast Asia, the status of Singapore is also very important. The Jewellery Show Guests can among many guests compared to the Hong Kong Jewelry Show, still prefer to purchase jewelry exhibition in Singapore.

Not only Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and we also did business with the customers that from Brunei. At last, we will try our best to provision of more high quality product for everyone. We thank you very much that many people said to us that I will come from next year. Singapore is a very natural resource-poor countries, the early days can be a no national industry, but in order to become a rich country, they attract foreign capital, the English as a common language, thorough and non-smoking public places, the implementation of a number of columns related policies, precisely because of these policies, Singapore has become an international financial center in the world a handful.Plus, a good social order in Singapore, although the common language is English, but also can learn Chinese, with a high standard of education system, but also to attract more affluent people.

 Maximum 17% corporate tax, income tax up to 20% plus the inheritance tax and capital gains tax-free regime, but also attract many factors that wealthy people. We are thinking when we can concern through a business and go in such country, too. we are keenly aware of the by without having to learn the needs and wants for where I am more accepting.

Regarding Singapore, also it is fortunate if you can meet with everyone. We also look forward to welcoming everyone at the next jewelry show. I thank from my heart to everyone to visit us at this show. Thank you very much.