Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2013

Marina Bay Sands,Singapore
Exhibition Information

Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2013 was held at The Sands Expo and Convention Center (Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from October12th to 15th for 4 days.
This jewellry show was held for the first time in Singapore, organized by UBM.As the first time show, attention was high before exhibition opened, and booth assigned to each countries were occupied early. Then many companies were put on the waiting list.

It seemed that each company had felt something was out of place just after show began, due to high expectation to the organizer. Jewellry show organized by UBM is mostly B to B, but this show seemed more of B to C business. Many of the exhibitors were like small profits and quick turnover type companies, and then they felt uncomfortable about the situation. On the other hand, there were some companies with high end jewelry, which we seldom see at exhibitions in Japan, and they seemed to have good result at this fair.

Unlike visitors of exhibition in Hong Kong (mainly Chinese visitors), mostly the people of ASEAN countries visited this show, and selected different products than for Hong Kong. They preferred simple design and also good quality stones even if it was a small size. And we did sell 1ct to 2ct size good quality ruby items. I felt strongly necessary to study what people in Singapore needs, which also reflect the needs of ASEAN countries.

Various opinions have been told about the next Singapore show, but it seems like show has not been well recognized and the market is still immature. But I really feel that difference, compare to the last year. There are many new buildings, and also big buildings are under construction. Singapore has been changing, and I could feel the good potential, next to the China market. I think it would be very important to understand new market, and work out our strategy.

We would like to thank you all who visited us from ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Thailand, etc.), in spite of small exhibition. And, we are looking forward to see you at the next exhibition.