Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at Japan Jewelry Fair 2017 held at Tokyo Big Sight for 3 days from 28/08/2017 to 30/08/2017.

If it is the time of the collapse of the bubble economy in the first half of the 1990s or the Lehman shock in 2008, I can understand this situation. But, despite the fact that the economy is relatively stable, I am concerned about that the slump in the Japanese jewelry industry is becoming even more serious. The cause of this situation, that goods would not sell, is not only because the economy is bad, but also I believe that mismatch has been caused between consumers and seller along with the changing era. Our industry is left behind the times because; without forgetting the glory of the high economic growth period, not trying to contemplate at the environmental change such as the collapse of the bubble or deflation, continuing to deal on the day-to-day basis, poor performance become seriously if noticed, still spending the time do nothing but competing with rivals. I believe that avoiding painful reforms, just sticking to maintaining the status quo, this kind of brain freeze stage put this industry into a predicament.

Also, it’s in a change of population to give an additional blow in this thing.Japan is in a declining birthrate and elderly society as everyone knows. But our industry’s main customer target is originally high in age, and as the aging further progresses, our main customer will no longer exist.Then, the old business model will no longer be valid. This trend is also evident in other industries, and various industries that have become stuck with the vested interests and the logic of the industry are facing great threats.

Ride sharing (Uber) changed the power relationships in the taxi industry, and the guest house by Airbnb urged the great change in the hotel industry. Also, by making full use of the internet like Amazon, newly emerging companies from different industries started to gain power. These newly emerging companies which make a full use of internet, no selling area, no middle intermediary, online SPA not only selling new items but also buying used items, they became too big to neglect. Currently, the information-oriented-society is rapidly growing and in the future our business model is expected to change by innovation from the outsider.

This jewelry show congratulated 25th anniversary. But there were only few numbers of visitors by negative expectation such as the same exhibition with no change. Of cause, one reason is the down turn off economy, but also it is about time that the exhibition should be reformed. Visitors were looking for and bought something very unique. There is oversupply of normal products in the industry so far, and these are in price competition.

This jewelry show really made me think about the future direction. We will strive hard to become a good company that to be wanted to visit us again in the future by our clients who came to this fair under this situation.We would like to give our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booth. Thank you.