Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Information

We have exhibited at the Japan Jewelry Fair from 26/08/2015 to 28/08/2015 for 3 days.

The world is confused by the China shock.By devaluation of CNY which began on August 11th, it was strongly predicted that the China’s economy was in the severe situation; severe enough that require export propping up by devaluation.A feeling of lower quotation of crude oil was strengthened more and more because supply of crude oil might relax remarkably by concerning slowdown or downturn of China’s economy.In response to this, it took on a new aspect of devaluation competition in the emerging countries or the worldwide stock plunge.Although Vietnam had carried out devaluation of Don to match the Chinese movement twice, but the other emerging countries are in the wait-and-see state and can’t devaluate their currencies. Because FRB is likely to raise interest rates near future and it would stimulate the out flow of money from their countries.

The emerging countries were supported by; the influx of money from monetary easing in developed countries, big demand from China, and resources market value. And, now they are losing it. Moreover worldwide stock plunge can’t be stopped. This worldwide stock plunge was caused by the devaluation of CNY, but it had been accelerated further by sudden stock plunge on August 24th at the SSE. The countries which are close both geographically and economically to China had a severe impact. In Japan, the Nikkei average fell to 8,000 level for the first time in 6 months. And the yen became N against US$1 for the first time in 7 months.

Also in the U.S., DJIA fell around $1,000 and the stock prices are fluctuating violently, ever since. It seems that the investment money is flowing out from China in response to the slowdown of the Chinese economy in recent years. CSDCC (China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited) announced that 391,500 new transaction accounts were open last week, which is about 26% less numbers than previous week, and it clearly shows that worldwide investment money is flowing out of China. The world economy is heavily affected by the Chinese economy, and it is unpredictable what would come next triggered by slowdown of Chinese economy, collapse of stock or real estate bubble, outflow of investment money from China.

JJF started under these circumstances, and the atmosphere was reflected heavily by the world economy.At the previous Japanese fair, even if there were few Japanese guests, it showed bustle by foreign countries, particularly Chinese buyers. But it seemed a lot less foreign buyers had attend at this fair. It was obvious that very few Chinese buyers had attended, and I fully realized the stock plunge in China was a big issue. Also, Japanese visitors were few, and exhibitors said this fair was the worst up to now.I had an impression that the purchasing will of guest was different. They were so cautious and didn’t have confidence. It seemed that most of the items what they bought were diamond jewelry till middle price range.

In response to the current world situation, our merchandise had been affected also. Especially market crash of gold, platinum and diamond is big. Also, decline in the consumer confidence would affect in the market price of other commodities. We will strive further in order to give our entire client a fresh news or ideas, and would like to give our sincere gratitude to all who visited us in spite of these harsh conditions.I hope to see you soon at the next exhibition.