Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Information

Japan Jewellery Fair was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from 26/08/2014 to 28/08/2014 for 3 days.

“Japanese jewelry market has been changing dramatically.” I believe this word depict that the Japanese market is in transitional period. In Japan today, so many element that causes the confusion exists, such as 1 quadrillion yen debt, the expansion of social security costs due to aging, population decline, the fixing of the trade deficit in recent years, a decrease in export competitiveness, and so on.

Business environment of Japanese companies has also changed significantly. PC & smartphone which has been considered only for the advertising industry and the IT industry until a few years ago were popularized, and taking advantage of the Internet has become a critical element in strategic for all industries.In addition, conventional industry which has been exercised by Japan’s original business practice seems necessary to be changed, triggered by the globalization. Furthermore, goods spread and lifestyle changes dramatically. It provides to the richness in consumers mind. I believe this is a quite big change in management environment, and it makes difficult to stay in the business if they do not innovate.

Another problem is the inflation. Price increase was announced in most of the business field and finally our industry announced openly. I think that the deterioration of the situation in Iraq and the depreciation of the yen is a major factor of price increase in Jewelry and precious metal; it would not be easy to avoid the price increase in the future. I believe that one of the reasons is the price gap between overseas market and Japanese market. When I pay more attention abroad, changing home currency to jewelry or precious metal is noticeable, and product which we are dealing is becoming more and more expensive.

However, the real economy has been sluggish in Japan. And there seems to be a negative spiral, such as the buyers do not buy because they can’t sell or their stock is much cheaper. Price of the merchandise of our industry is affected directly by overseas markets. And, to break this environment is an urgent matter.

Japan Jewellry Fair 2014 had started in this situation. As we had expected, there seemed to be a little number of guests, and most of them who visited us in the morning were foreign buyers. Foreign buyers did look for goods with enthusiasm, more than ever; especially they looked for goods which have the price gap between Japan and their country. Also, Japanese buyers who are selling to foreign tourists seemed to be very active. It seems that the tourist gives atopic by word of mouth about their purchase at a store in Japan which they visited by coincidence, and it fascinates and make many people wants to visit the same store in Japan. Rather than the merchandise of Japanese-style (like mass-production items), the merchandise needed by these stores should be gorgeous items.

Over all, I received an impression that this show was like a presale of the Hong Kong Jewellery Show to be held after three weeks. The company booth, which also exhibit at the September show, attracted many foreign buyers, and they negotiated the purchase to be delivered to Hong Kong in many cases.

It seems our industry is just in transition.I believe that it is about time to propose you our corporate philosophy “Management”. We will continue to strive very hard to give you a good service, and hope to see you at the next fair. And, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booth at this fair.