Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Information

Japan Jewelry Fair was held from 9/1 to 9/4 for 3 days.Besides the worldwide economic depression, it seemed like that strong yen and the typhoon inflicted many people away from this show. However, the most buyers who came to this show gave us good impression. Because we have heard some said it might be a chance, and also the other said\#they have to buy something new to start fresh despite weak buying power of end-consumer. Asian buyers were still active and strong.

Checking and negotiating, from early morning of the first day, they competed with the others in order to get what they need, and we couldn’t help feeling the difference in the mood of economy between Japan and the other countries.We believe that it is our task to generate such information as the rapid drop in diamond price caused by the speculation by the high interest rate after the middle of August in India, to overcome the fast movement of the industry. At the next exhibition, we will present a lot of new jewelry according to your needs, and are waiting for your visit. Thank you very much visiting us at the fair.