Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibition Information

JAPAN JEWELERY FAIR 2012 was started on 28th August 2012 at the Tokyo Big Sight for three days. People of the world were excited at the London Olympics, and this brought special procurements demand to London. Then, it seemed these days when the economic crisis in the euro zone was eased a little bit.

However, in a newly emerging nation, especially India ,weak rupee posed a serious problem. And people believe that weak rupee might be progressed much further depending upon a governmental policy. Weak rupee did influence much to our industry, especially to the diamond market. Sudden drop in the price of high quality & big size diamonds, favored by rich people, was so obvious.

At the suspicion for weaker market price by weaker rupee brought people to stay away from the trade. The show began in this kind of circumstance ,and had started with much less visitors compared to annual year.I found buyers ,not only from India but also from China ,was less than usual. And once again ,I felt the world-wide economic depression. Nevertheless, even as for such situation, there were much ones with the optimistic mood.

They were looking for a thing that could be bought only in Japan. And there was much asked about the tendency of the thing which could sell in Japan. In addition, we have been taught the hint of the tendency for our sale by much attendance at our booth. We well make an effort in future to do various suggestions to all of you. Thank you very much for you visit at our booth.