Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair June 2014

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair was held from 19/06/2014 to 22/06/2014 for 4 days at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.
In the world economic outlook, which was announced on the 10th, the World Bank has revised real economic growth rate of the entire world of 2014 downward to 2.8 %. In the United States, exports are sluggish and economy has slowed down due to the cold weather. Furthermore, delays in structural reforms and political instability seem to be a factor added to it.Economy of Russia is also sluggish by deterioration of situation in Ukraine, and economy of low and middle-income countries which has deep economic relationship with Russia in Europe and Central Asia, also have received an impact from this situation.

In China, the slump in housing market has affected the investment, and the slowdown of economy seems not to be stopped. Even in Japan, economic downturn after April by tax hike is more than expected, there is a deep concern that it might continue to summer or later. However, developing countries seems to be sluggish the most. Growth rate of developing countries interrupt 5% for three consecutive years from 2012, and it is unlikely revised upward in the future. Since reduction of quantitative easing (so-called tapering) of the United States, money is pulled out from developing countries and the economic downturn seems to continue.

In addition, despite of the global economic downturn, it weighs on my mind that inflation has come gradually. And, corporate goods price index seems to rise in every country. CGPI has risen 4.4 percent year-on-year in Japan. And it might give an impression that price has gone up when it reaches hands of end consumers. Current world economic slowdown and inflationary situation (an issue that is relevant to our industry), these factors seemed to affect our industry at this show. However, from the first day of the exhibition, long waiting line was made at the registration and some spent more than 1 hour to get into the show. Unlike the impression we had received at IJK show in Japan, it became very lively exhibition.

Many buyers came to our booth and they scrambled for our merchandise. Every one of visitors said that the economy was bad. However they purchased as usual. Despite the economy is getting worse, the price of goods is going up in every seconds. So, buyers decided to buy before it becomes too expensive. On the first day, some buyers said that our goods were a little bit expensive, but they came back on 2nd or 3rd day, said our goods were reasonable, and then they bought. It seemed that goods were much expensive at every exhibiting company, compared to the March Show. And, it is not too much to say that world economy is in inflationary trend.

The best-selling product and the price changes in at a breakneck speed nowadays. But we will strive really hard to meet your requirements. We thank you all who visited us at this exhibition, and are looking forward to meet you again at the next fair.