Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show 2012

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

Hong Kong International Manufactures’ Show was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11/29/2012 to 12/03/2012 for 4 days. Following the Russian and French election, President Obama achieved re-election. Also, in the Far East, China, Korea and Japan are facing the change of new political leaders. I strongly feel these political chaoses had people be bewildered and confused.

This time, President Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party demanded bold monetary easing from Bank of Japan and advanced to the weak yen, and it was with a considerable fair wind for we Japanese-affiliated company. Particularly, the company which handled a diamond all said that sales were good. In addition, I heard that they could have sold more cheaply than the last time, in the company which handled products.

This HKJMA Show was supposed to be a retail show rather than a wholesale show. But, there was not such an atmosphere and a business talk of B to B was achieved as same as other exhibitions. There were a lot of buyers looking for the goods for Christmas and New Year sale from China, South-east Asia and other countries. This show was the last exhibition of this year. 

We faced a lot of difficulty like world economic depression. I really would like to express my sincere appreciation to those who attended the exhibitions even in this kind of bad situation. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you with a cheerful smile again next year. Thank you very much.