Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show 2017

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturer’s Show2017, held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre for 4 days from 30/11/2017 to 03/12/2017.

The strong impression that I got from this jewelry show was that it was more like users exhibition. Unlike other shows, the number of visitors increased from the afternoon than in the morning and venue was filled with visitors in the evening. Moreover, the number of visitors increased latter half than the first day, and it was quite bustling with customers in the afternoon of the final day. Recently many companies have done pre-sale for wholesale before the jewelry show, and buyers spent most of their budget there. It is becoming an atmosphere that buyers would purchase only if there are better goods at the actual show. It seems that overseas remittance and restrictions on bringing in cash are severe than before, and in a situation that it is not possible to purchase various items.

In addition, there were many people said that this jewelry show was a Japanese show. Even though the size of this show was much smaller than other shows in Hong Kong, the number of exhibitors from Japan was almost the same, so it gave the impression that the proportion of the Japanese companies was much larger than the other shows. It seems that this situation is due to the large number of visitors coming to the Japanese companies now. We would have to make efforts without compromising on this situation so that the Japanese companies can receive the support of overseas people in the future.

This year began with the topic that Mr. Trump was being appointed as the President of the United States. Initially, from the political expectations of the Mr. Trump regime the world’s money headed towards the United States, raising stocks and foreign exchange, the economy turned upward and pulled the world economy. But one year since then the pledging promises are not fulfilled. Now, it is in the situation that the reforms of President Trump and the observation of interest rate hikes are falling, the long-term interest rate in the US declines and the dollar selling proceeds at the same time. It was reported many times in the newspaper and other media that the American economy had been recovered and the Japanese economy was driven also by the U. S. 

However, in reality, I didn’t feel anything like that. I do not believe the existing social structure that the economy will recover if the investment of stocks and foreign exchange gets better anymore. The current economic situation would not recover, because the money earned by investment would go to savings without spending in this maturity society. Currently, as technology and market matures the quality, functions, and shapes of products and services manufactured by each company are standardized, equalized, and became stereotyped and become impossible to feel attractive. Therefore, it is difficult to see competitive advantage besides price.

However, the information technology innovation has become very much familiar this year. In any industries, revolution is taking place using new technology such as IoT which connects everything to the Internet, FinTech of the financial industry, Industry 4.0 of the manufacturing industry, Smart Factory, Omni-Channel Retailing, VR and AR of visual technology, AI, cloud, drones, 3D printers and so on. This new revolution may bring companies and societies to be digitized by the penetration of IT, transforming the economic structure and society, and may change the human life in every direction in all aspects. In the future of corporate activities, how to respond to the social structure that is changing due to the penetration of IT and smart phones that can also be called high-performance compact PCs would be the key to survive. 

Currently there are more cases where information from people to people on social media that has become a new information infrastructure is more influential than mass media such as television. Regardless of generations, people are investing in goods now, and it seems that motivation for sharing is strong as well as consumption desire. New hits and trend would be created when these desires and the motivation are overlapped. And then there might be new business opportunities as a company there.

Now that people’s thoughts and behaviors have been changed by these innovations, the way of the communication in which makes the world go around will also change. I’d appreciate if we can work together to seek what and how would the world be changed throughout next year. We would like to give our sincere gratitude to all of you who supported us thorough out this year, and are looking forward to seeing you again next year.