Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacture’s Show 2014

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturer’s Show 2014 was held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre rom27/11/2014 to 30/11/2014 for 4 days.

FRB decided to end the quantitative easing (buying American bonds to supply dollar in the market) on Oct.29th. In response to this,the outflow of dollars from emerging markets is accelerating. As a result, it makes emerging currency depreciation,and seems to cause economy of the emerging countries sluggish.

In Japan on Oct. 31st, The Bank of Japan announced that the monetary quantitative easing by buying up additional long-term government bond (amount of 30 trillion yen), also triple amount of the exchange-traded fund (ETF) and real estate investment trusts (J-REIT). Then, depreciation of yen was accelerated to J against $1 and Nikkei Stock Average rose up by 755 yen. Furthermore depreciation of yen became 8 against $1 during this fair. Upon receiving the weaker yen and higher stock, in the export-related companies, they are experiencing increase in both income and profit. 

However,Japan’s real economy, after tax hike later in April, seems to decline and it has been accelerating.Even if we experience high stock price, it has no effect on the people’s daily life. As a matter of fact, one’s income stays the same and the real wages seems to be sluggish. Not to mention, the rapid depreciation of yen caused high price of commodities and tighten the people’s life. Thereby, further consumption tax hike that has been scheduled for October 2015 was forced to postpone. 

Also,GDP growth rate slowed to 7.3% in China, and stall of the Chinese economy has been talked about.The biggest reason is the collapse of China real estate bubble; housing prices of 68 cities out of 70 major cities have fallen.In addition to the corruption crusade of Xi Jinping regime, depreciation of Chinese economy pushed 64 percent of Chinese wealthy people who has more than $ 1.6 million assets to decide to immigrate in a foreign country. This has become a big problem. Many foreign companies are also beginning to move out from China.And, we cannot take our eyes off how Chinese economy would change in the near future.

This show, started under such atmosphere, is supposed to be the smallest show in Hong Kong. But, this time, show had been expanded bigger than previous year. Also, there were a lot of visitors from the first day’s morning and seemed to be vibrant. We had visitors continuously throughout this show, and had sold wide range of items, like high quality items, inexpensive items and so on.

This was the last jewellery show in this year.We were very lucky to meet visitors who made us forget worldwide recession, and to feel positive thinking and energy. We could complete our business with your loyal support, throughout this year. And we really are full of gratitude. We will make further efforts again to meet your entire requirement. And we are looking forward to meet you at the jewellery show next year. We would like to give our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited us at the show.Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !