Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2015

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2015 was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 04/03/2015 to 08/03/2015 for 5 days.

The first jewellery show of this year in H.K.is very important show to determine this year’s trend, seemed to have had an atmosphere to speculate a big turning point. “Chinese market has been changing significantly.” I had a strong impression that this word represented all. Chinese New Year had just finished February 24th, and then I felt that the mood of consumption of the Chinese buyers were low. They seemed to be like wait-and-see mode after the big event.

However, the biggest reason that the Chinese economy has been sluggish rapidly is the enforcement of official discipline, so-called luxury ban, by the Communist Party. It is the crackdown policy by strictly prohibiting the waste of government expense, entertaining officials and gift. It seems extravagant act has been largely limited regardless of the public and private sectors. As a result, consumption of luxury items seems to become sluggish. In addition, Xi Jinping administration, in government activity report on 5th, declared investigating and punishing corruption members strictly. And he announced to strengthen luxury ban furthermore, and to ensure the anti-corruption movement.Moreover, it seems that the flow of money is strictly checked and restricted more than ever. For the reasons above, our industry was affected significantly and it seemed that the motivation of Chinese buyers to purchase expensive items was much lower than previous shows.

However, it does not mean that expensive items can’t sell at all, merchandise with high quality or scarcity value was wanted.Speaking about salable items, Emerald was popular, and sold continuously.However, the price of emerald has been soaring and many people were concerned about price rise.

But the other country’s buyers had strong willingness to purchase; especially buyers from the U.S. were conspicuous. The current American economy has been slowly recovering, improvement of employment rate also rapidly rising. It seems consumer spending is encouraged from the crude oil depreciation benefits. In addition, world’s investment money has begun to flow into the U.S. It is obvious when I look at the current American stock prices and foreign exchange movements, dollar was bought and became Q against $1 level, for the first time in 3 months, at the New York foreign exchange market on 6th. Above reasons triggered consumption steady, and luxury items like jewelry had started to be bought.Buyers from Taiwan and ASEAN countries also had strong buying intention.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chinese buyers were the main buyer and most of the sales came from them at the previous fair. I felt that it was very important to understand how Hong Kong market, as a hub, would change and to respond, at this jewellery fair. We would like to give our sincere gratitude to all the buyers who visited us at the show, in spite of difficult situation. We will strive very hard to meet the world wide requirement and are looking forward to see you at the next show.