Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2014

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2014 was held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 05/03/2014 to 09/03/2014 for 5days.

As for the current world economy, downturn seems to accelerate in every country.Especially this tendency is seen in each emerging countries conspicuously, and China which pulled the world economy seems to be in sluggish stage also.The reason is that the reduction of monetary easing in the United States triggered the investment money to flow out of the emerging countries, and it seems not to stop at all. Particularly, it is very prominent in Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, India & Indonesia (so called Fragile 5), and high interest rate and weak currencies, which is accelerated by the investment money to flow out of these countries, might cause hyperinflation.

In China, the shadow banking is deeply concerned about. This problem has occurred since the central bank had done tightening and many companies are troubled with the financing.However crushing the shadow banking might cause vast unemployment and bankrupt in many small and medium-sized enterprises, then the possibility of falling into chaos is high. In addition, because the export ratio to Europe is high and the European economy has deteriorated, China exports turned into destruction state. Moreover the employment rate of university graduates has also become 45%, and it is said that the jobless exceeded 100 million people already in China. If we see more economic slowdown in China, it is also said that the riot by the jobless and the poor might become reality.

The confusion of Ukraine affairs seems to affect the economy of the world, also. In response to this situation, New York Dow and Nikkei Average were plummeted. Furthermore, Japanese government bond also have experienced limit low. It seems to give a bad influence to the other countries, and accelerate world economic downturn.

In this kind of harsh situation, this show had begun. From the first day, we had more visitors, but I had different impression compared to the previous shows. They have purchased big and expensive items as usual, but they were very cautious about their selections. In China, as a result that the corruption eradication efforts have been enforced extremely strong, sales of luxury items which are used for a bribe seems to be almost none. And, the buyer’s selection was only for the actual demand. Also, the other countries buyers were uncertain about outlook, they have chosen cautiously too. Unlike previous show, they chose only what they needed, and did not choose what was not for the actual demand. But, the buying intention of the foreign buyers were much stronger than Japanese, and there was a good demand on the high quality items which was not easy to sell in Japanese domestic market.

As we focus on the world affairs which might be in more chaos, we will continue to strive and to propose new product for you. We would like to give our sincere gratitude to all of you who visited us under this kind of situation. And, we are looking forward to see you at the next exhibition.