HongKong International Jewellery Show 2013

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2013 was started from March 5th to March 9th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for five days.

In the United States, Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new high on March 5th, since the New York Stock Exchange recorded highest in 2007. This American high strain spread to Japan, and Nikkei Stock Average rose significantly in the Tokyo stock market on March 6th, the highs for the first time in about four years and five months. The exchange rate of the yen also became 95 yen against one dollar level, and fell to the weak yen situation for the first time in about three years and seven months. It seems that inflow of the investment money to the Japanese stock market continues, due to the expectation that the bold money market relaxation and fiscal policy would be activated further by the new Shinzo Abe government. The corporate earnings of each industry are recovered by a weak yen, the further expectation is also added, and the atmosphere of Japanese economy seems to be good.

This tendency was notably seen also in our industry, and each exhibitor was able to obtain high results in this jewelry show by the rapid weak yen as a tail wind. The pearl pavilion and the diamond pavilion were crowded with success by having more visitors than last year every day. Especially the popularity of Japanese companies was high also in each pavilion, and there seemed to be the number of the visitors who cannot be looked after on the first day. It seemed that the products which Japanese companies sold attracted attention due to a feeling of comparatively low price by a weak yen at this jewelry show.However, various materials are becoming increasingly expensive, and we believe it is inevitable that the market price of Japan would go up followed by the foreign market. In the atmosphere of deflation still exists among Japanese, sales of our industry would fall if various import materials become expensive.

Anyway, this jewelry show had vigor generally, and overseas buyers were so energetic. Also, there was the atmosphere that they would have purchased as much as possible if they found anything to match their needs. At present the price of each materials are fluctuating violently, but we will strive hard to meet expectation of buyers. And, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who visited us at this fair. Also, we are looking forward to meet you again at the next jewelry fair.Thank you.