HongKong International Jewellery Show 2012

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Information

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2012 was held from 2/16/201 to 2/20/2012 for 5days. In recent years, a global economic downturn stemming from the European debt problem feels even the atmosphere of aggravation further. But this time I felt some different movement, not only the economic downturn. Recent gold price fluctuations in a troy ounce started to rise slowly US $ 1,700 – close to US $ 1,800- ; I feel that the rise of each actual asset (commodity) came to stand out. Rise in price of food and water in China seems to be intense, and the life of ordinary people looks like a burden considerably.As an aside, price increases had been made even at the McDonald’s in Hong Kong.

Moreover, if Iran tries to impose blockade the Strait of Hormuz, strategic point of crude oil transportation routes in order to prepare the military conflict triggered by Iran’s nuclear program, the remarkable rise of oil prices takes on the aspect that is not avoided. It is important to study whether if this is a sign of inflation or the end of the derivative of a capitalist economy which made full use of leverage. Also, I acutely felt it is essential to understand the current situation such the price of commodities rise in weak currencies driven by monetary relaxing policy announced by FRB, ECB,
Japan, the United States and Europe.

Under such circumstances,I felt that number of visitors at this fair were less than the last year. In addition to the rise in price, there seemed to be shortage of the goods in the global market. Therefore buyers were looking for a good bargain. Also, when they found some rare items they had purchased regardless of high unit price. In the past trend in China, were items such as emerald and coral, and their popularity seemed to be declined rapidly.

This slowdown in popularity was caused by the distrust brought by is-suing quite a few gemological reports which guaranteed treated emerald as non-treated. And coral seemed to be called back to the original value from abnormal market price. However opal and tourmaline, not popular before, were bought.Then, popularity of ruby and sapphire seemed to be usual.

Surprisingly, rising prices of diamond was observed. Some of the buyers described it was bought for investment purposes, due to disliking weak currency. Various changes were seen again in this Hong Kong show. In recent years, speed of change in variety of circumstances has been increased, and I think should not miss it even for a moment. We will try to decipher the situation, and also aim to capture new movement. We really hope to see you at the next exhibit, and thank you for your support at this fair.