International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn 2018

Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at International Jewelry Tokyo Autumn, held at the Pacifico Yokohama, for 3 days from 24/10/2018 to 26/10/2018.

The New Cold War era began with the US-China trade war, and the struggle for supremacy has begun, for the world economy, trade and information technology in the next 50 years. Disparity and poverty increased in every country and region as globalism became established and neoliberalism has been encouraged too much. As a result, populism emerged and hoped for the revival of the Imperial era or communist regime rose, countries and areas going beyond nationalism and religious fundamentalism are increasing, conflicts occurred around the world, displaced people and immigrants increased. Then the anti-immigration movements increased and shifting to extreme right progressed further. Today, countries that advocate free capitalism are becoming more conservative and populism, and it is becoming prominent to see that the rise of national particularism, or extreme right parties like France and Germany.

Globalism made the movement of people, goods and money easy and it had been headed toward reducing the regulations that impede supply in trade, also reducing the role of the country and leaving it to the market. But, this globalism had created disparities, and people suffering from this recalled internationalism back, which is anti-globalism. With the arrival of internationalism, the neoliberal structure of each country has been being forced to change. The structure of the world is changing from the economy which relies on the market decision to the planned economy. In the future, it will become such a structure that the economy moves greatly due to politics.

With such a trend of the world, there isn’t much brilliant news in Japan.The Japanese economy is spoiled by the bureaucracy of Japanese companies and the vested-interests structure. Also, it seems that vitality of Japanese citizens is being deprived by great pessimistic news. If pessimism spread more among people, the people become conservative, they don’t spend money and the economy will not be better. In addition, this year, heavy rains, hot weather, earthquakes, and large typhoons attacked the Japan archipelago and Japan suffered tremendous damage, and it has a big impact on our lives.

However, Japanese can exercise more power than any other nation in the world once people unite and ride their momentum; we had overcome a number of difficulties such as lost the world war 2nd, oil shock, and Plaza agreement.But, I think that the situation now in Japan can be thought more optimistic if it is compared to the Meiji Restoration or just after the World War 2nd. Japan has the world’s best infrastructure in terms of roads, railroads, water supply, sewers, revetment, communication, etc.,and it is the safest country in the world. 

Although Japan has about twice the debt of GDP, it is all domestic debt, and all of this is utilized in Japan. I think there is no need to worry so much. Because, it is proved by the fact that if anything unusual happens in world economy, it causes appreciation of the yen. It is a clear sign that Japanese yen is reliable and is believed to be safe if investing in yen. And, I think it is representing clearly as the risk-off yen appreciation.

And now, it seems that Japonism is reviving. Not only animation, contents of cartoons and games, but also such as food items, children’s supplies, cosmetics, health related products etc., which is made in Japan, are becoming a boom in the world. Made in Japan, which is to be particular about the details, can’t be imitated by other countries, and this Japonism trend would continuously more active in the future. Even for Japanese tourism industry, as we can say that it is a booming visit to Japan, many foreign tourists visit various regions to experience Japanese food and culture satisfactory.

There are three available assets such as human, capital and resources in Japan, and it is thought that the future of Japan is bright from the economics and geopolitics as well as cultural viewpoint. I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to everyone who suffered from various natural disasters this time. And to make a bright atmosphere for Japan, I have written such contents.

Speaking of the jewelry shows this time, as expected, there were few Japanese visitors and I felt that it indicated the current situation in Japan. Although, it was a jewelry show positioned for year-end sales, I got the impression that the economy is worse than I expected and people couldn’t purchase additional items.

However, despite the fact that overseas is also in a difficult situation, overseas visitors were more than the previous year and, it seemed that the motivation to buy the cheaper or the unique merchandise was strong. The current Japanese jewelry show would not be able to carry out if there are no foreign buyers, especially from China,and it may be necessary to reconsider how Japanese jewelry shows should be in the future.

This was the last jewelry show in Japan. We would like to express our sincere gratitude, and thank you for your kind patronage throughout this year. Also in Japan, we are expecting many difficulties such as consumption tax increase, but we will strive hard to fight off together with everyone. We hope to see you all in the next year at the show.