International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn 2017

Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at 5th International Jewelry Tokyo Autumn 2017, held at Pacifico Yokohama for 5 days from 25/10/2017 to 27/10/2017.

In current Japan, it is in an excessive condition from shortage. And, this entraps Japan into the low growth era. It is not only the economic stagnation or slump but I think it also indicate that Japanese economy has entered into maturity stage.In the era of shortage of goods, economy was based on easy distribution by efficient production and cost reduction from mass production. But, when entering oversupply like present, people’s interests shift from object to how to fulfill their satisfaction. This trend is natural. New property was created one after another by people’s feeling of lack, and motivation was sustained by wishing to enrich more every time when new desire was born.

However, a mature society has begun where the shortage is fulfilled and willingness to have property does no longer exist. In Japan there are as many as 1,700 trillion yen of financial assets that is more than three times of GDP, but more than half of them are owned by people over the age of 60. They would not spend, just save it for emergency. And, young people also do not spend any money and just stay in their home to play games or to surf Internet, they feel the anxiety of old age and start savings after they become 30 years old. I think that increasing the monetary base or lowering the interest rate will not improve the economy under such circumstances which old and young age is anxious about their future, and I believe this is the one of the reason to cause recession in Japan.

It is not an exaggeration to say that sudden death of the industries might happen not only by hectic chase of emerging countries but also from a disruptive innovation by different industries; uprising of company using Idle economy such as Uber and Airbnb, appearance of Unicorn companies with market capitalization exceeding 100 billion yen without listing, IoT, Fin Teck, virtual reality, drone, etc. I think it becomes a situation that the company should act and make a strategy after understanding the actual situation, such as declining birthrate, aging population as an adult society, and external factors. Otherwise fail.

The jewelry show held under such circumstances also showed this trend. The jewelry industry seems to have entered into maturity stage, and it seems that the sales of the previous merchandise were bad. It might be a sign that items had spread among the user to some extent. Companies that show bustling at the venue surely had prepared newly planned proposal materials, unique product materials or value-priced products of price.And other companies without these materials seemed very quiet.

The number of visitors was small as there were many people who thought that this jewelry show would be the same as usual. Those who visited this time tried to feel the current situation of jewelry industry, and to find the material to break through this kind of tough situation. I felt that such people will guide our industry in the future.

In today’s era when everything is changing at a tremendous speed, common sense until now does not apply. I think, from this now on, it would go into the stage that information volume and ability to take action will make the great difference. This jewelry show was the last show in this year. And we thank you for your royal patronage though out this year. We will strive very hard to be able to give you a nice ideas and products, and are looking forward to see you at our booth next year.