International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn 2015

Sunshine City Convention Center(Ikebukuro)
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited at the 3rd International Jewelry Tokyo Autumn which was held at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Cultural Center & World Import Mart from 28/09/2015 to 30/09/2015 for 3 days.

Consumption tax hike to 10% in October 2015, and rush demand before tax hike was anticipated by the organizer last year. Then the exhibition period for IJT Autumn 2015 was decided. After all, tax hike was postponed and it caused unforeseen circumstances. The schedule was so tight, just after the largest Asian exhibition which was held in Hong Kong. And the most of the exhibitors did not have enough time to prepare for the show.

It was obvious that this exhibition reflected the current Japanese situation.There was considerably less number of the guests than previous show, from the first day, and it made the dull atmosphere. I haven’t experienced such exhibition with very little guest for a long time. And it raised a concern about opening the exhibition next year or not. Even if I asked about situation of the guests, most people were saying that it became increasingly bad. I felt that guests attended the exhibition, in order to grasp the current situation or to feel the atmosphere, and seemed not to have intention to purchase.There were very few visitors from abroad, because many people had attended to the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair a week before.

Japan’s real economy seems to be getting worse. Nikkei Average dipped below 17,000 points on 29th, the cheapest in 8 months. With the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the sale of each industry to China also has been decreasing. Also, the numbers of visitor from Chine has been shrinking.The domestic consumption of Chinese visitors who had been expressed with words such as a shopping binge has been declining, and it is becoming a future concern.I am surprised to feel that the Japanese economy had been depended on China like this.

If I pay more attention to the world, influence of the economic slowdown of China spreads to each country.And it caused stock market capitalization of the world lost around US$12 trillion from its peak, due to the speculation of the further world economic slowdown. It has been a concern that falling stock prices produce a further decrease of consumption.IJT autumn 2015 was started in such circumstances. I think the essential features of business and correspond accurately.

Even in the situation like this, there were some people who fixed their eyes on the new future and thought positively. We will strive very hard and challenge to the new attempt in order to meet your needs. At the end, we would like to give our sincere gratitude to who visited our booth. And we are looking forward to see you at the next exhibition.