International Jewellery Tokyo 2017 (IJT)

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I would like to extend my New Year greetings. And, I do appreciate your continued patronage throughout a year.

Since the beginning of the last year in China, sudden drop of yuan and stock market had happened. This triggered the outflow of money to overseas, and then the regulation of overseas remittance had been strengthened. In addition, by raising custom duties to expand consumption in China, a shopping spree by inbound had been weakened. It was a stormy year for the foreign exchange and stock market, and was most challenging year among recent years. Not only Japan but also other countries had negative impact from sudden rise in yen and steep fall of worldwide stock market caused by Brexit. But on the other hand, immediately after Mr. Trump was elected as the President, funds flowed into crude oil and shares from the expectation of economic expansion.Then, Japan had benefitted from weak yen & high stock prices by Trump’s market.

And the FRB is also expecting to raise interest rates three times a year in 2017. If the trump’s market overheats, interest rate hike in March is to be highly conceivable. If so, it was expected that further weak yen and high stock prices would be accelerated. As a result, money from all over the world flowed into the U.S. stock market or exchange. In the second half of last year, it became important how each country catch the trend of the economy of the United States.

 However, due to the President Trump’s intension toward to strong dollar which favors manufacturing industry in the U.S., economic oppression by rise in interest rate, concern of the progress of the anti-European Union power in the European election to occur successively in 2017, the expansion of the dollars debt and the fund outflow from the rising nation, above these might bring strong yen or weak stock market. And it seems that the future prospects are still unstable.

From the beginning of this year by the expectation to an economic expansion, world money is headed towards to the stocks which are easy to receive a benefit of the growth. Since China has several problem, such as a bad-loan and a funds outflow from the country, only the U.S. could lead the world economy now. Then, world money is flowing into the U.S. under such circumstances. Along with this, Mr. Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President on 20th of Jan., claimed the withdrawal of TPP, renegotiation of NAFTA, and appealed drastic reform of economy and foreign policy. And, it seems that world trade system is about to change drastically. It is up to the President Trump’s America First principle of economic policy now, and I can’t take my eyes off the trend of America led by the President this year.

This jewelry show was held under such circumstances. I had an impression to have fewer foreign visitors than previous year from the first day. Because Vernal Equinox Day was near and only fewer numbers of Chinese buyers came to the show. After the 3rd day, there were only few foreign buyers at the venue.

However, there were many Japanese buyers visited our booth from the first day. Our booth was not too crowded, but had good numbers of visitors at all times from 1st day to the end of the show. They were serious about looking for the merchandise in order to improve the situation. And, they visited many booths and spent few days at the show.It seemed that the tendency of the products to be sold this time was one of a kind and unique. This trend was common among everyone regardless of domestic or overseas buyers. When people’s livelihood has been enriched and the world overflows with a lot of things, consumer might desire one and only product rather than the price appealing mass-produced materials.

Also, when I looked at everyone who came,I had a feeling that they try to behave cheerful and not too worried about the bad economy. We also had a fun at the time of conversation or negotiation. In a sense, I thought the trend of future industry was seen at this fair. Not only the U.S., but also the Europe, protectionism (from globalism to nationalism) is strengthened.And, unexpected situation might undermine the world in 2017 as well. We will strive hard to become a desired company and hope to meet all of you with cheerful figure, even though this year is believed to be a tumultuous year.
At last,I hope to have your continued support throughout this year and would like to give my sincere gratitude to all of you who visited our booth at this fair. Thank you.