International Jewellery Kobe 2020

KOBE International Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Information

We had exhibited in the 24th International Jewellery Kobe (IJK) held at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall from 09/08/2020 to 11/08/2020 for 3days.

The worldwide spread of the new coronavirus (COVID -19) has completely changed the way people live, and has forced the global economy to significantly inhibit both production and consumption, at least in months, and in some cases on an annual basis. This harsh reality is a battle against viruses as well as industrial, financial, employment and economic crises at the same time.

The global economy, which was developed by the free flow of people, was fundamentally shaken and collapsed by the movement restriction and self-restraint on going out in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. The economic effects created by the movement of people have drastically decreased, and it has given a major impact on the economies of various countries. Even in Japan, foreign tourists are rarely seen and favorable business climate caused by these inbound tourists up to last year has disappeared.

In order to prepare for the risk of infectious diseases, people are refraining from various economic activities and then damaging the real economy.At the time of the Lehman Shock, the crisis started from the financial side, but this time it is the opposite and has a long-term impact on the real economy of a wide range of industries and region. First, the local service industries such as tourism, accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, retailing of goods other than daily necessities, and housing-related industries are being adversely affected.

These economic sectors account for about 70% of Japan’s GDP, and many of them are supported by small and medium-sized enterprises. They are also industries with many non-regular employees and part-time workers.Approximately 80% of Japanese workers are employees of SMEs and non-regular employees now, and the crisis in these service industries is likely to lead to a mega-crisis that will put so many people in a difficult situation.

However, since the government is responding relatively quick, mainly for SMEs, such as immediate expansion of emergency loan facilities to support cash flow, providing employment adjustment subsidies, and formulation of large-scale emergency economic measures, so that the Japanese economy has been maintained without panic so far.Of course, preventing the spread of infection to protect people’s lives is the priority matter, but if the corona disaster hits the local economic zone which is directly linked to the lives of 80% of the people and destroys the industrial structure, it would create a large number of bankruptcies, business failures, unemployed people, and an unstable society.

If these economic zones are affected, demand and sales are expected to disappear as a result of the rapid stagnation in consumption. People stop buying expensive durable goods when they are concerned about the future or when their lives or livelihoods are threatened. People will bear with what they have now.It is expected that people will hesitate to purchase housing, cars, electrical appliances, and clothing in descending order of the price. As a result, it will spread to companies that provide related capital investment, IT investment, and parts and materials

Because of the Corona disaster, everyone is in such a difficult situation at this moment.The horror scenario in the Corona disaster scares many people. However, if we look back at history, the period of crisis is the starting and turning point of a major paradigm shift in politics, economy, and industry. Because of the crisis, existing systems will be broken, vested interests will be severely damaged, various things will become fluidized, and major changes will be likely to occur.

If we look back this corona disaster later, it is highly likely that this disaster will be determined as an opportunity for a major paradigm shift and the beginning of a new era. If we think that everything has been reset and everyone is on the same starting line, we should accept everything and think positively, not afraid of horror scenarios at this Corona disaster.

There were arguments for and against holding the jewelry show under the situation of corona disaster, but it was finally decided to hold it. Our company was also worried about the exhibition, but when we contacted our customers in advance, they told us that they would come, although the number was much smaller than usual, so we decided to exhibit.

It was expected that this jewelery show, which was held under such severe conditions, would not be successful because there were no visitors, but it was a lively form with many visitors unexpectedly. From the first day to the end of the last day, we had many visitors without interruption.Under these circumstances, there were no overseas buyers, but it seemed to be crowded with Japanese visitors.

The people who came this time were all really positive, also far from complaining about the current situation, and they also enjoyed the present and thought positively about the future.Because it was difficult to replenish stock recently, it seemed that there was a strong motivation for purchasing among visitors. I think it was a really good jewelry show because we had a fun and smiley business discussion. Many people told me that they would go to the Yokohama show in October if it was to be held. And I felt that if it was to be held, I would have to prepare to meet everyone’s expectations.

I believe the corona disaster and U.S.-China relations will lead to major changes in the surrounding environment in the future. Although changes can be painful, we will strive hard to change and meet the requirements of those who came in spite of such difficult circumstances, as a brand new Kataoka Shoten Co., Ltd.

We would like to thank all of you who came to this jewelry show, and please take good care of yourself.
After the jewelry show, we had performed a PCR test on all of our staff who participated in this jewelry show and report that all were negative.