International Jewellery Kobe 2014

KOBE International Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Information

18th International Jewelry Kobe was held from 14/05/2014 to 16/05/2014 for 3days at the Kobe Convention Center.

Growth both in sales and profits had been acquired in many Japanese industries by the strong depreciation of Japanese yen, and rush demand before tax increase, until March.Then the market sentiment looked well.However, this situation seemed to be changed a lot after consumption tax hike in April.

Diffusion index, which was announced on the 9th at minus two consecutive months, had shown dramatic decline, down to the same level as one year ago, even though DI indicated continuous growth in last year. It is said that this sudden decline is the same level at January 2009, after Lehman shock. Frequently, revenue and profit growth of listed companies was talked about in the newspaper, but this statistics was compiled before April. And, it is much different from present situation. Actual economy became really bad after tax hike, and I would say that people are trying hard to get out of this situation.

Looking at the world perspective, Ukraine situation, political unrest in Thailand, China’s financial problems which is likely to collapse at any moment, and large demonstrations in Vietnam triggered by the oil drilling operations in the South China Sea in recent years, has a significant impact on the world economies, and seems to lead to chaos. I thought that IJK was a good opportunity to judge condition of our industry, under the world economic downturn and Japanese situation after the tax hike. This show had been crowded with many visitors from the first day, but the situation was a little bit different from the past. At the previous show, there had been more Japanese buyers than foreign buyers, but it was opposite this time.

Japanese market seemed so quiet after April, as a reaction to the rush demand before tax hike in March. Sluggish sales, price increase of merchandise caused by weak yen, and high consumption tax rate, these were the reason, also. This situation will continue and could be our future issue.Overseas buyers also were more careful than ever.I felt that they tried to purchase special items which meet demand of their clients, regardless of its price, and not to buy overlapped or common items.

Needs are changing rapidly in both Japan and abroad. Today’s hot-selling line of merchandise might be different, tomorrow. I have thought more about our mission is to present you new needs. We thank you all who visited our booth under this kind of difficult situation.And we will strive harder to be your good business partner. We are looking forward to meet you again at the next exhibition.