International Jewellery Kobe 2012

KOBE International Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Information

Just as Europe debt issue brought by Greece was about to loosen up and the world economy started to show a sign of recovery of each country slowly, the issue of euro area secession of Greece surfaced.
 Again, Europe debt crisis was concerned about and weak euro strong dollar progressed. This triggered the gold to be sold and the price to fall.
 Furthermore, the rise in the interest rate of the national bond, such as Spain

and Italy, exposed the insecurity of Euro zone economy.
 This problem influenced also Asian countries which are towing the world economy. And the Asian stock market like in Hong Kong and South Korea has recorded the largest drop in this year.
 The Nikkei stock average also attached the low price for the first time in three months and the capital flight of the money in the world flowed into the Japanese government

bond which seemed riskless assets then the long-term interest rate became low level for the first time in seven months.
 And the Yen also became strong in 1-dollar against 78 yen.
 Depending upon Greece re-election on June 17th, it might cause great confusion into the money market and the world economy.
 In this kind of bad mood, IJK had

started, the size of the show and thenumber of the exhibitor was smaller than last year.
 On the first day, soon after the show opened, it had many attendance.
 However, there were many overseas buyers among a visitor’s lineups, and became the atmosphere completely mistaken for overseas jewelry show.