International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn 2013

Sunshine City Convention Center(Ikebukuro)
Exhibition Information

The 1st IJT Autumn was held at the Sunshine City Convention Center Tokyo (Ikebukuro) from October 2nd to 4th for 3 days.

It was bustling with many visitors from the first day as the reputation was high enough before this exhibition opened. Scale was smaller than the IJT in January, but I had a strong impression that Exhibitors were positive and had come with commercial materials for this exhibition. Furthermore Christmas and year end sale season was getting close then the buying power of the guest seemed to be accelerated.

Unlike the JJF in September, there were many overseas buyers because the organizer had also focused on attracting them. Some said China market was becoming subsided a little, but those who visited this exhibition had strong motivation and rushed to buy what they wanted.The purchasing will of the buyers from various countries were high because the materials seemed to be shortage not only in Japan but also overseas.

Most of the Japanese people who came to this show has had purpose and looked for materials very seriously. And the topic, that the consumption taxes raise was determined 8% from 5% in April 2014, was brought up by many buyers during this exhibition. The majority of people were talking about the sharp decline of sales amount caused by the consumption tax which had been raised to 5% from 3%. And they were trying so hard to come up with a good idea or sales promotions to catch the rush demand before consumption tax hike.

There were many opportunities to have business talk with positive buyers at this exhibition, and gave us a good chance to think over our direction. I strongly felt that there were many business chances still left in Japan when we thought about the rush demand before the consumption tax hike, or special procurement demand by the Tokyo Olympic Games. We will strive to make an effort further to accommodate future business and to meet everyone’s expectations. In spite of a small exhibition, and even for the first time, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited us at this fair. Thank you!